DAY 11: 12 Days of HOTBIN Composting Christmas Tips

DAY 11: 12 Days of HOTBIN Composting Christmas Tips

DAY 11: Celebrate… It’s Party Time Composting

"Rocking Around the Christmas Tree." Christmas and New Year are most definitely “the” party Season. So, if you’re expecting a fun evening with a house full of guests; preparations include adorning the table with delicious nibbles along with a selection of party poppers, music and festive decorations.

After the celebrations, whether Christmas or New Year, your floor (carpet, wood or tile) and tables are littered with discarded leftover food, party hats and endless amounts of streamers.

Although it might take a while to collect/vacuum it all up the next day, the good news is that not all need to go straight to landfill, as you can compost most with a HOTBIN.

Rip-up all carton and paper leftovers and add them to your HOTBIN along with the contents of those endless streams of party poppers. Be sure to mix it with your food waste. Warning: Be sure to remove any plastic bits or wire embellishments as these cannot be composted though.

As for leftover food, including all cooked food, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and more, can be added to the HOTBIN.

Composting Paper Plates, Napkins, cocktail sticks and other Party Items

As for the paper plates many of us use for convenience to save on the washing up, these can go in the HOTBIN - even those with bits of food left on them!  Whether or not they are the most “green/sustainable” choice it is something widely argued.

Napkins can be composted in the HOTBIN, however ensure they are not screwed up in a big ball as this will not break down properly and may be present in your final compost. Rip them up instead, and add in as small amounts to prevent airflow being restricted.

How about cocktail sticks from your sausages, cheese, olives and pineapple? These can be broken up and put into the HOTBIN. Bear in mind that wood-based items are slower to compost.

If most of it has ended up in the vacuum cleaner you may also want to read up on composting vacuum clear waste article on our corporate website.

Happy partying!

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