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My name is Lou Simon. I live in a Chicago suburb, Glen Ellyn, and own a brand strategy and marketing agency, Simon/Myers.

As an avid gardener and someone that is environmentally aware, I’m always interested in ways to improve our home landscaping in ways that are sustainable and beneficial for our environment

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"Able to Compost Even During Last Winters Coldest Days Drastically Reduces Waste Added to Our Weekly Garbage Bins."    I have been composting all types of yard-waste for over 20 years using an area in my yard. What intrigued me about the HOTBIN was the fact that we could add all kinds of kitchen waste. I would have never added food-waste to my original composter, as I would have expected to attract unwanted critters to my yard. The HOTBIN’s filter, minimizes composting odors and keep’s un-wanted visitors away. I began using the HOTBIN in late

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Compost in 30-90 days Fact or Fiction?

HOTBIN Composter can get your composting heap working in as little as 3 days! Jeremy B.,, a HOTBIN customer says you can! 

Jeremy B., has recently taken up gardening as a hobby, and the following is a testimonial of his HOTBIN experience, in his own words.

“Saturday to Tuesday is three days and the time it took to reach 140°F. I am impressed,” said Jeremy. “A traditional pile or bin might take a month or more to reach half that.”

“To anyone considering a HOTBIN… go for it. The target temperatures might seem daunting, but they are easily achievable.”

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