HOTBIN Composter compost all year round, 32 time faster than cold composters in the market, composts more types of food and garden waste.

NEW, HOTBIN Mega for Batch Composting


Composts More Types of Food Waste

Hot & Steamy Composts Faster 30-90 Days

No Turning or Tumbling

Raise Your Composter with HOTBIN Plinths

FREE Shipping to 48 Contiguous States

Quick and Easy HOTBIN Composting

Dramatically reduce the amount of waste your household sends to landfills and recycle more of your unavoidable food and yard waste into homemade organic compost.

If you are looking for an easy way to start composting or a more efficient way?
The HOTBIN composter may be for you!

HOTBIN has Won Various Awards for its Performance:

• Grow Your Own Award: Best New Product 2012
• Great British Growing Awards: Best New Veg Growing Product – 3rd Place 2015• Great British Growing Awards: Most Effective Composting Product – Bronze 2016
• Great Britain Growing Awards: Best Compost Making Product 2018
• RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Product of the Year 2019

HOTBIN Works All Year Round

Steaming away at up to 140°F HOTBIN breaks down your waste 32 times faster than a cold compost bin, meaning you can harvest a mulch compost in 30 days and get rich general purpose compost after 90 days.

The award winning HOTBIN is super insulated, enabling the temperature to increase naturally over time through the addition of fresh waste, shredded paper and woodchips, the bacterial process does the rest. No plug-in heat source needed!

HOTBIN composting allows you to compost all food waste including cooked food, any leftover plate scraps, small bones and even perennial weed seeds and pet waste, as well as all the kitchen and garden waste you would normally cold compost.

Now available in 2 sizes, our 52 and 26 Gallon capacity bins are compact sealed units, that occupy roughly the same space as a regular waste container.

Have you been looking for an easy way to start composting or a more efficient way to tackle your existing heaps? If yes,then you are in the right place.

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