Lou Simons: The Benefits of the HOTBIN on our Garden is Evident...

Lou Simons: The Benefits of the HOTBIN on our Garden is Evident...

No expense in buying fertilizer, less waste in landfills, and beautiful plants.

My name is Lou Simon. I live in a Chicago suburb, Glen Ellyn, and own a brand strategy and marketing agency, Simon/Myers.

As an avid gardener and someone that is environmentally aware, I’m always interested in ways to improve our home landscaping in ways that are sustainable and beneficial for our environment. In the past, I simply had a compost pile for yard waste, which provided decent soil, but it was pretty messy and difficult to turn and manage. Additionally, I couldn’t put food scraps in it, due to critters, so it wasn’t as rich as it could have been.

A friend of mine was fired up about the HOTBIN he just purchased and suggested I get one as well. We frequently compare notes on our plantings, flowers, and landscaping to exchange ideas. So on his suggestion, I purchased one, and one of our mutual friends did as well. Since then we’ve had text messages going to compare results.

Not surprisingly, the three of us got a little competitive to see which one was composting the fastest and getting the hottest. I’d say it is safe to say that we are all now reaping the benefits of our HOTBINS.

I’ve used the compost throughout the summer on all of our annuals, herbs and vegetable garden. The results have been outstanding. The nutrients that the compost provide over time keep for a consistent healthy plant feeding. Most recently I purchased and planted 10 mums throughout our yard and mixed in compost with the dirt for each one. They are all thriving!

The benefits of the HOTBIN on the garden is evident, but also it is evident that we’ve cut down on our trash that is bound for landfills. It is simply a huge win in every way. No expense in buying fertilizer, less landfill and beautiful plants. I’d recommend a healthy competition like this to all my friends.