5 Tips for Preventing Rodents and Vermin Being Attracted to Your Composting Bin

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5 Tips for Preventing Rodents and Vermin Being Attracted to Your Composting Bin

Spring and summer are the seasons where rodents are out and about, and when sources of food are abundant. However, rats are attracted to compost bins and heaps as a source of food, shelter and as a warm dry place to nest.

The following tips will minimize the risk of having rodents attracted to your composting bin:

1. Always Clean Up

    Keep the HOTBIN clean at all times, ensure no food waste is left around the base and surrounding area.

    Wipe around lid, hatch and door edges clearing any loose pieces that may create an imperfect seal. This will help contain odors which may attract vermin and foxes.

    2. Look after your HOTBIN

      Take care when removing compost or mixing new waste into the top of the bin. Avoid damage when using rakes and other garden tools around the HOTBIN.

      3. Location

        Place HOTBIN on a hard, flat surface to discourage the underside from being used as a nesting site.

        4. Keep it Closed

          Keep the hatch and lid tightly closed. Secure cam straps around the hatch; any gaps in door/lid seals will result in the bin losing both heat and odors

          5. Take Care of Accessories

            Keep bulking agent and other tools as dry as possible and/or safely stored elsewhere.

            The compost bin will be particularly attractive as the temperatures cool and during the winter as the hot composter can provide warmth and a good supply of food with kitchen scraps being regularly added to the top and while they can smell the decomposing food inside the bin.

            You can download HOTBIN user guide here, for more tips.

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