BOOST Your Garden with Compost This Summer

BOOST Your Garden with Compost This Summer

Adding compost to your garden during mid-summer is recommended for colder and warmer climates.

Just when we think that our garden growth is underway, we are in mid-summer and just as us, our plants are using every ounce of energy to keep a steady pace under the sun. Mid-summer is not the end… but the peak of the growing season for plants, and it is when they require recharging methods to supplement their food intake and fight the exhaustion caused from growing. That said, adding compost to your soil is the best and easiest way to supplement plant’s food-intake and boost their growth during mid-summer.

On colder climates (Northeast and Midwest of the United States)

For best results it is recommended to apply compost to your plants at least once a year during the major growing season of late spring to early fall. By fall and before the ground freezes, you should add a layer of partially decomposed compost on empty beds and let it decompose further through winter. All those lovely nutrients will be ready and waiting for your spring planting.

On warmer climates (South or Southwest of the United States)

For those of us who live where a warm climate offers year-round gardening, you need to add compost twice per year to accommodate two distinct growing seasons (one cool and one warm) with different annual flowers, vegetables, and herbs planted and thriving in each period.

From one gardening enthusiast to another, we try coaching on how to keep our plants well-fed, hydrated and growing strong during these most strenuous months when gardens need to excel through the final stretch.

Start your composting pile today and fuel your plants for the finish line (if you have not already) with HOTBIN, the simplest and quickest composter that can produce your compost in as little as 30-90 days or by early fall.

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