Can Coffee Grounds Accelerate My Composting Cycle?

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Can Coffee Grounds Accelerate My Composting Cycle?

The answer is yes. Coffee grounds can be an excellent addition to your composting pile. Besides waking you up every morning, used coffee grounds can wake up your composting pile.


Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which provides the energy that bacteria needs to turn organic matter into compost. Coffee grounds small particle size greatly increases surface area. As more surface area is exposed, the decomposition process generates more heat, thus speeding up the composting cycle.

Additionally, coffee grounds can be a safe substitute for nitrogen-rich manure in the compost pile per Cindy Wise, coordinator of the compost specialist program at the Oregon State University on this article.

They can fill a gap

Home composters can face a challenge to get the needed nitrogen into the mix, especially if they lack access to cut grass or similar sources of nitrogen. Coffee grounds can fill this gap.


In addition to providing nitrogen, and filling the gap on garden trimmings, coffee grounds lends its aroma to the composting pile, reducing odor issues.

Can you add Coffee Grounds to Your HOTBIN Composter Bin

The answer is yes. The HOTBIN  is an aerobic composting bin that helps you to easily and effortlessly compost your old coffee grounds and put them to good use in your garden within 30-90 days. With the HOTBIN, you can also recycle food waste and garden trimmings all-year-round.

To conclude…. before you toss-out your next batch of coffee grounds, think about tossing them into your compost bin to create better soil and reduce waste!

HOTBIN Composting of North America works to make the world of composting thrive by offering gardeners the best solution for creating compost Quick & Easy.

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