Challenges of Household Composting in Urban Areas

Challenges of Household Composting in Urban Areas

Composting is an efficient way to create a sustainable system where food scraps and yard waste are broken down and transferred back into the soil.

Not surprisingly, urban area residents are faced with a few challenges that need to be addressed when choosing the right composting bin to do the work.

A study conducted on household composting in urban areas found that smell, vermin, space, too much waste, changes in landscape, and angry neighbors, to be among the major challenges faced by urban dwellers.

If you live in an urban area, what features do you need to have or look for when choosing the right composting bin?

Unless you want to address each challenge individually including turning your composting pile regularly, balancing food and garden waste to minimize smell (nitrogen), or dedicating a 3x3 feet space in your garden so that your composting pile will not be in conflict with your neighbors’ landscape… you need to choose a composting bin that addresses all of the above challenges.

HOTBIN Composting bins have been designed to address all of the above issues and make composting simpler, cleaner, and more convenient to modern and urban households. HOTBIN comes with a charcoal filter that reduces composting odors and keep vermin and other unwanted animals away. Furthermore, HOTBINs have a reduced footprint (22x22 or 17x17 inches), need no turning or tumbling, compost more types of food, compost all year round, and produce compost in as little as 30-90 days!

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