Composting A Little Food & Garden Waste Goes a Long Way

Composting A Little Food & Garden Waste Goes a Long Way

A few weeks back I posted an image on social media with a short title that grabbed a good amount of attention from our readers. The topic (I believe) needs to be fully discussed, as our contribution to the environment by composting food & garden waste at home, can really go a long way!

Gardening enthusiasts already know the benefits that compost bring to their plants; but there is an environmental impact that is requiring more of us to do our part and reduce the effects of global warming. This part of the equation cannot be ignored.

As noted on a previous article, 30% of the waste thrown to rot on USA landfills is food and garden waste. This waste that sits decaying in landfills produces methane, carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons, which contribute to global warming.

How much is that 30% of waste?
According to the World Wildlife Federation, the production of wasted food in the United States is equivalent to the greenhouse emissions of 37 million cars. Needless to say, if we continue the same path, the environmental impact could be disastrous.

At HOTBIN, our mission is to educate and encourage customers & prospects to increase home composting by providing a HOTBIN composting bin that makes composting- cleaner, simpler, and quick & easy to produce…. one household at a time.

When we compost at home, we are diverting a good amount of garbage trucks from landfills, decreasing greenhouse emissions and the production of methane and other contributors to global warming.

Let’s do our part and encourage others to join us, as our little contribution can really go a long way.

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