Composting at the Source is by far the Best Alternative

Composting at the Source is by far the Best Alternative

The truth and the bottom line is that, reusing, recycling, and composting disposes of large amounts of waste more efficiently than trash incineration. Furthermore, composting has more positive effects on our environment. Whereas incineration’s end-product is ash, composting end-product is fertilized soil that can return to Mother Earth to improve the soil.

Composting is a controlled natural process in which beneficial microorganisms reduce and transform organic waste into a useful end-product (compost). During the process, organic waste is broken down aerobically by bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and protozoa to produce water vapor, and stabilized organic residue that can be used as fertilizer for soil improvement.

Manufacturers of composting devices like HOTBIN’s main objective is to provide a product that can easily and effectively allow modern households to compost organic waste at the source… our homes. Composting should not be considered as an extra and difficult chore, thus the need to provide a device capable of doing what is meant to do (compost) with ease.

Is composting at home better than transporting our organic waste to a composting/recycling facility for a small fee? Separating organic waste at home for pick-up by local recycling provider is better than trashing food waste that will be hauled to our landfills will rot and produce methane gas. However —as we mentioned on a previous article— hauling food waste to local composting facilities cannot be considered Zero Waste, as it comes with a price to us and the environment. On this option, we pay the price of transportation and corresponding production of CO2 emissions. It is for this reason, that treating organic waste at the source —or at home— is considered as being the best solution.

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