Composting is Just Nature’s Way of Recycling

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Composting is Just Nature’s Way of Recycling

I found an article that defines composting as ‘nature’s way of recycling.’ I couldn’t agree more with that definition, as nature is the power behind any method and existing composting device.

For years, backyard composting in rural areas have existed with great success. However, there is limited participation in densely populated urban areas mostly due to garden space limitations, HOA restrictions, implementation challenges of local curbside programs, behaviors, and convenience (read more).

The immediate solution to all articles read on the subject concludes that greater investment in education and infrastructure are required to confront these challenges. At HOTBIN, our mission is to provide a device that encourages more people to take the ‘composting leap’ with a device that makes composting cleaner, simpler and more accessible for modern households.

If we could significantly reduce the amount of food & garden waste (estimated by EPA to be 36% of total waste sent to landfills in the USA) we would turn waste into organic material and keep them out of our landfills. Most importantly, we would be converting that material into a useful product to use in our gardens.

Home composting reduces the cost of hauling garbage and operating landfills. It reduces methane emission from landfills (a greenhouse gas and by-product of anaerobic decomposition of food waste); and can save you money by reducing the need to buy mulch, fertilizer and other soil conditioners.

Please visit this site to learn more about home composting and our product HOTBIN, which has been engineered to make composting cleaner, simpler and more accessible for modern households.

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