Composting School Waste Programs

Composting School Waste Programs

Composting School-Waste with HOTBIN

Teaching to compost at school provides students with a new appreciation for nature and the environment.

Learning to compost with a quick and easy composting bin like HOTBIN, makes their experience rewarding and most likely to be replicated at home, as students can see the product of their efforts in 30-90 days.

Furthermore, composting can be a rich source of project-based learning, with topics and activities to engage students at all levels. Programs are focused in getting students to take ownership of their waste and learn how to recycle and use compost (the product) on school gardens. These skills are transferrable back to their homes.

Schools are a great source of organic waste with sandwich leftovers, banana skins, lettuce, cucumbers, bits of bread, etc.

Many schools try avoiding composting programs or keep them hidden behind their buildings for the same reasons that so many people do: Compost is too messy, too smelly, too much work. This is where HOTBIN excels and separates itself from other types of composting methods... as it proves that composting can be a simpler and cleaner operation producing rich compost in a short period of time.

Composting is really for anyone, anywhere. Even if you live in the city, you can compost! It’s great for the environment and helps reduce waste that heads to our landfills.

Utilizing HOTBIN for school programs on composting, can make these programs a gratifying experience, teaching the true value and benefits of recycling organic waste to our future generation.

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