Did you know… that your city might landfill the Christmas trees they pick-up?

Did you know… that your city might landfill the Christmas trees they pick-up?

We are days away from removing all decorations from our natural Christmas trees and locating them naked on our curbside for collection. In many urban and suburban areas, trees are collected from curbside during the first 2 weeks in January.

Do you know where they are going? If you don’t know for sure, you are still on-time to call your local waste provider and investigate if they will chip and recycle the trees into mulch, or if they will send them to landfills to rot and produce methane gas emissions. Some providers with chipped them into mulch and made them available free to city and county residents.

However, it they are sent to landfills, you can find a local organization that can come to the rescue and collect your naked tree and recycle.

Some national recycling organizations you can check out includes:


  • Recycling holiday lights - If you have broken, burned out or tangled strings of holiday lights, unwanted light strings, power cords and power strips… don't throw them into the trash. Instead:
    • Search online for local trash/recycle bins that will accept old lights, and available collection programs.
    • Mail-in Recycling programs – Search of free light recycling programs where you can mail them back to the manufacturer. HolidayLEDS (brand) has a program for theirs.

If you have a HOTBIN learn how you can recycle your tree with a HOTBIN as well, or you can BUY ONE NOW and start composting in the New Year!


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