Do You Compost?

Do You Compost?

"Composting helps to lock carbon back into the soil by feeding the organisms that help make up the soil food web —which feed the plants and trees," commented Derek from Five Minute Gardener on his Instagram  page Derek has a HOTBIN Composter at home and gets to harvest it at least 3 times a year. "I am making space to get another HOTBIN on the allotment. I have so many weeds to takle, that traditional composters can't handle them (bandweed, dock and brambles)."

Composting your food and garden waste with HOTBIN is simple, and has a massive impact on the environment. "Much of what we call waste can be transformed into compost and saved from going to landfills where it breaks down in a harmful producing carbon dioxide and methane gases," concluded Derek.

Zero food waste = healthy soil = healthy plants = less carbon and more oxygen.

Things to compost:

✅ food scraps 

✅ cardboard

✅ coffee grounds & tea bags

✅ plant waste and grass cuttings (can act as an activator)

✅ fallen leaves

✅ crushed eggshells

✅ woodchips

✅ cut hair, nails and belly button fluff

✅ just about anything organic

by: Derek from Five Minute Gardener.

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