Don't Dump it... Compost it!

Don't Dump it... Compost it!

HOTBIN makes composting easy, clean, and simple. Unlike popular beliefs, composting does not have to be as complicated, gross, and stinky as you think it is. Technology has allowed for new composting devices like HOTBIN, designed for modern sustainable-minded households that want to do their part to address environmental concerns, and reduce the waste sent to landfills.

Setting apart your daily food and garden waste, and tossing it to your composting bin, can be as easy as adding dirty dishes to your dish-washing machine to conserve water. Most importantly, users can harvest compost in as little as 30-90 days. This is 32 times faster than cold-composter’s recycling process.

Furthermore, the beauty of hot composters like HOTBIN relies on the fact that they compost more types of food-waste. This distinct and convenient fact releases users from having to sort between what can or cannot be added to their composting bins. Master composter Megan Brosterman (New York) describes her HOTBIN experience as follows: “The best part for me is that everything goes in. No more separating any food waste… and it is fast!” Link to read full testimonial.

If you are already composting or are planning to start composting this year, you may want to add HOTBIN Composting to your search and find out why you can think of convenience, composting efficiencies, and value, with HOTBIN Composting.

For more information about HOTBIN visit this site.

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