Easy and Efficient Composters Key to Reducing Waste on Landfills

Easy and Efficient Composters Key to Reducing Waste on Landfills

An increase in composter sales and households composting at home is a good trend for sustainability and our environment. However, for sustainable minded individuals, the goal is not to see more composters being sold, but ensuring that those who started composting at home, keep composting and meeting their environmental goals.

This is where selecting the right composter for you, is key to ensure continuity. Today, there are too many types of composters in the market, and some offer a great deal in price, making the process confusing. However, you should take your time when making your selection, as choosing the right one is critical to avoid frustration and ensure you will continue composting in the future. 

How do you know if you are choosing the right composter?
Price cannot be set aside, as affordability is what make purchasing possible or not. However, after price is considered, ease of use, and efficiency suddenly shifts to the top of your decision making. If you are not a 'master composter' or have no previous experience composting, you should be looking at a composter that is easy to use, efficient, and one that promise quick results (compost).

Most inexpensive composters require dedication, are not easy to operate, are inefficient, and can alter your daily chores/lifestyle. They should work. However, if you are new to composting, you can end up disheartened and frustrated with the process while watching your food-waste becoming smelly and rotted inside the composter, and no compost to show up for your efforts.

This experience can turn good composting wishers into non-believers. Frustrated with the process, they often stop composting and their waste ends up back in our landfills, defeating all the good intentions and goals they had at the time they bought their composter.

Other things to consider

When choosing the right composter to fulfill your goals, you should consider where you want its location (near back door, patio, etc.,); how much garden and food waste you produce and how often; how much time and effort you are willing to invest in composting; and what device will deliver the best performance for its price. If you take all the above in consideration, you should be able to select a composter that will help you fulfill your goals and continue composting for years to come.

If you are ready to take the 'leap' and start composting, take a look at our product HOTBIN and add it to your list of contenders. At HOTBIN, our mission is to increase the number of families composting waste at home and consistently reduce the waste sent to landfills. 

To meet these goals, we have manufactured a set of composting devices capable of making composting cleaner, easier and efficient. We believe that an easy, quick, and efficient composter will provide a successful and gratifying experience to new users, and will ensure they will keep composting in the future without disrupting their lifestyles.

If you are already composting but want to improve efficiency, or are not composting and are interested in starting to compost, try a HOTBIN today.

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