Fall... a Good Season for Composting

Fall... a Good Season for Composting

Fall is a good time to assess the damage caused to your garden during summer’s growing season and add compost to replace lost nutrients. Fall is also a good time to start composting to have your garden’s soil ready for spring planting.

Gardening experts suggest that fall is a good time to walk through your garden and assess how your plants did over the summer.  For instance, look for overgrown plants needing more space that need to be divided, and replace those that were not able to survive the season.

I read somewhere that fall is when some gardeners head for the hammock, while experienced ones find it to be the most important season to improve their soil. For them, fall is the right season to add compost and other nutrients in preparation for the colder months of winter.

Whether you are an amateur gardener or an experienced one, fall is the best time to build a better soil in your garden and help its ability to retain water, support plant growth and prevent plant diseases.

If you haven’t started to compost at home yet, you can start today with HOTBIN Composting and have compost ready to improve your garden soil by this fall.


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