Get your HOTBIN Hot in 5 Steps

Get your HOTBIN Hot in 5 Steps

Hot composting methods not only allows you to recycle more types of waste, but to do it faster! In the case of HOTBIN, if you follow the suggested guidelines —which includes adding waste into the top of the bin along with wood-chip/mulch and shredded paper two to three times a week... you can expect to produce compost in 30-90 days.

Because temperatures can vary and your HOTBIN can get colder at any time for a variety of reasons, we have created a video with a few tips on how to get it steaming again at 140°F in around 48 hours or so.

I am including a LINK to this valuable video, and a summary of its content below.

How to get HOTBIN Hot in 5 Steps

  1. Collect about 5 gal. of easy to digest food and garden waste (see below chart). Chop it as much as possible for fast results.
  2. Before adding the new batch of food and/or garden waste, give the current waste (if any) a good stir with your rake. This will break any dense-compacted waste on the top, will improve airflow, and will provide more oxygen to the bacteria.
  3. Empty the new batch of food and garden waste inside the HOTBIN.
  4. Use your judgement on the amount of shredded paper you will need to control moisture, and the amount of wood-chip/mulch that your will need for aeration. We suggest that you follow the guidelines provided as much as you can (see image below).
  5. Give the content of your bin a good stir, and wait 24-48 hours before checking the internal temperature of your bin.

You should expect a significant increase on inside temperatures in 48 hrs.

Harvesting Compost

If the HOTBIN is efficiently working, you can expect to produce mulching compost in around 30 days, and rich compost in 90 days. LINK to video

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