Hot Composter vs. Cold Composter... Which one is better?

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Hot Composter vs. Cold Composter... Which one is better?

As a manufacturer and distributor of HOTBIN Composters, I could easily answer that HOT composting is the way to go. However, the purpose of this article is to help aspiring composters to make an informed decision.

Let me start by saying that both hot and cold methods can produce compost . However, the 'heat' element, makes hot composting more efficient in time and quality. 

Regardless, knowing that both methods can do the job, the decision- making question depends on which method ‘is a better fit for your goals and lifestyle’. Let me explain:

Choosing one method over the other directly depends on your goals, available household waste to process, allocated time available for the task, desired turn-around time, and expected quality of finished compost. Once you can answer the above questions, you are ready to make an informed decision on what type of composter to buy/build, and join the millions of people that are composting food and garden waste at their homes today.

If the time to produce a usable compost, volume of waste, and the space is not an issue for you; then, a cold-composter can fit your needs. However, if you are serious in composting day-in and day-out; and season-in and season-out… you will want to select a hot composter that can do the job faster, allows you to keep adding more waste to previous batches (or as you go), and works all year round. 

I have seen various home-made underground composters, and have to admit that there is little or no data on composting cycles or on how effective and efficient they can be. However, all composting obeys fundamental laws of nature where bacteria is the driving force digesting waste; and it is a process that can happen under a huge range of environmental conditions. Regardless, to get it going fast you need to have four key conditions which are food-waste, warmth, oxygen, and water in a controlled environment.

HOTBIN is an award winning aerobic compost bin that helps you manage these four conditions. HOTBIN is made of molded EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) a material known for its thermal performance that retains heat naturally generated by the bacterial process. The design of the HOTBIN also helps to control the airflow through the bin while allowing excess moisture to leave as water vapor or steam. Furthermore, it’s warmth composting heap makes bacteria digest waste 32 times faster and users will get rich compost soil, in just 30-90 days. Lastly, HOTBIN is compact and comes in two sizes. The larger size has a capacity of 52 gal., ideal for a  household of 3-5  people. The smaller version, known as MINI, has a capacity of 26 Gal., and has been designed for a  household of 1-2 people. 

Note: Both models of HOTBIN Composter come with a leachate collection system that helps you collect liquid fertilizer as a by-product of the composting cycle. Click to view our collection.

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