Hot versus Cold Composters

Hot versus Cold Composters

I read an article that cites 4 cold-composters (all tumblers) as 'best to buy composters'. I scratched my head when the same article cites reviews noting difficulty in assembling, small chambers, leaks, composting taking too long to produce, and requiring extra care when adding dry ingredients. The review involved 30 different models of tumblers and 209 consumers consulted.

The fact is that, although they are very economical, they are not user-friendly and, producing rich compost can take as long as 12 months. Lastly, turning a tumbler that is full of composting-waste can be challenging as the load is heavy. I find these composters to be a better fit for composting garden waste (leaves) as they are light in weight. However, garden waste (just as food-waste) takes a long time to decompose on cold composters.

On the other hand, I find hot composting to be the easiest and fastest way of composting food & garden-waste, as the heat accelerates the composting process, reducing the time it takes to produce compost. Furthermore, if we are determined to compost food at home, selecting a composter that fit your lifestyle can make your commitment to recycle food possible. With a hot composter, you can expect to reduce as much as half of the waste you trash today.

There are a few hot composters in the market including our HOTBIN Composting to choose from. They are more expensive than cold composters, but they get the job done.

About HOTBIN CompostingHOTBIN Composting is an award-winning composter for its ‘slim’ design and efficiency. Here are some benefits:

  • Composts all year-round due to its thick insulated walls
  • Composts in as little as 30-90 days
  • Kills pathogens, unwelcome bacteria, weed and seeds faster
  • 32 times faster than cold composters
  • NO odors thanks to charcoal filter
  • NO tumbling or turning required
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Provides liquid fertilizer
  • Compost a larger variety of food-waste including bones and cooked meat

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Add Composting to your New Year Resolutions!

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