HOTBIN 100 Mini Composter... High Performer

HOTBIN 100 Mini Composter... High Performer

HOTBIN Mini 26 Gal (100 LT), may be small and compact in size. However, its high-performance and reduced composting cycle, can make it the favorite for a household of four and less than a quarter garden acreage.

Winner of the RHS CHELSEA Garden Product of the Year in 2019, the  HOTBIN Mini is a slimline hot composter designed for smaller gardens and for keen composters who have less waste. 

What made the HOTBIN mini win the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the year 2019 relied in showing real innovation in making composting cleaner, simpler, and more accessible for modern households.

This month, we are promoting the benefits of this extraordinary HOTBIN composter.

Is HOTBIN Mini good for Suburbia?

The answer is yes. You can compost in the suburbs whether you reside in a townhouse or a single home. All you need is a small space in your backyard where you can easily accommodate a HOTBIN Mini. Composting in the suburbs is just as composting on a farm as long as you are mindful of odors, and select the right composter to avoid problems with your neighbors.

Just as HOTBIN 200 L., HOTBIN Mini’s benefits include composting heap steaming at up to 140°F (60°C). You can expect compost in just 30-90 days. No tumbling or forking required and no issues with odor, flies or pests like that of traditional cold composting.

HOTBIN Mini is now on Sale!

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