HOTBIN comes with Unlimited Post-Sales Support

HOTBIN comes with Unlimited Post-Sales Support

At HOTBIN, your customer support starts the minute you get your HOTBIN. We don’t say ‘Thank You and good-bye’ as our competitor’s do. Instead, we ‘Welcome you to our HOTBIN family’.

In other words, when you buy a HOTBIN, you buy unlimited post-sales customer support. Can’t get it going? No worries, we will hold your hand until you get it going… and trust us… it will start steaming soon!

HOTBIN’s Post-Sales Support include How-To videos; Online Chat; Emails and conference phone calls when needed.

Our customer service is covered by humans, no computers or robots are used to answer your questions. Our customer support team is composed of experts in the matter. You can opt to chat online (no robots), send an email, call us, or by watching one of many instructional videos on our YouTube Channel as follows:

    People Buy From People They Trust...
    Our customer service and quality of our HOTBIN composters are responsible for our track record performance of new sales by recommendation.

    If you are truly committed to reduce the waste your household sends to landfills, and return it as rich fertilized soil to your gardenall you need is to buy a HOTBIN Composter. The HOTBIN not only comes with a few handy tools... it comes along with HOTBIN Composting Experts' Support Team at your service.

    For how long? How about HOTBIN’s expected life span of 10 years… and beyond?


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