Can HOTBIN Composts in a Teeny Tiny Yard?

Can HOTBIN Composts in a Teeny Tiny Yard?

“I was asked if you could have a HOTBIN Composter in a teeny tiny yard. My answer was yes. I have a small patio and my composter is located only a couple feet from the entrance, between our garage a patio, and the entrance to my house.” The area where Briana has her HOTBIN Composting bin is surrounded by flowers and greenery in planters. “It does not smell at all! In my case, when I open the lid, it smells earthy.”

Brianna composts with a HOTBIN 200 (52 gal.) and waters her dahlia beds and pots with the compost tea she collects from the HOTBIN. She also uses HOTBIN’s liquid fertilizer as a foliar feed. “The fertilizer tea has improved my soil health”. She adds. “By composting with HOTBIN I have met my goal for sustainability and regenerative gardening practices”.

“I was so sick and tired of buying compost amendments and felt like crap for bagging our yard waste. Since we do not have a pick-up service, it was an additional chore bringing it to our local recycling center. Since I got a HOTBIN in March, I have harvest two crates of compost mulch, and this is just the beginning! HOTBIN is not a cheap product, but it is efficient and does what it is meant to do efficiently and effortlessly. You just need to figure out the right ratio of brown to green to add based on your unique type of waste ratio. No tumbling, turning and no power needed,” concluded Brianna.

There is one HOTBIN Composter model fit for any size of household, including teeny tine yards!

Briana O'

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