HOTBIN Composts Come Winter or Spring!

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HOTBIN Composts Come Winter or Spring!

The All-Seasons Composter Bin. Regardless of this year’s Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an extended winter or an early spring… you can be composting with HOTBIN and have fresh compost for spring gardening. 

HOTBIN's insulated walls, made of expanded polypropylene, naturally raise internal temperatures up to 140°F, through the addition of fresh waste, shredded paper, and woodchips. The bacterial process does the rest, accelerating the composting process without the need for a plug-in heat source.

This efficient composter decomposes waste 32 times faster than cold compost bins, delivering mulch compost in just 30 days and rich general-purpose compost in 90 days.

Don't limit your composting – HOTBIN accepts all food waste, including cooked food, bones, perennial weed seeds, and even pet waste, providing a comprehensive solution for kitchen and garden scraps. With sizes ranging from the compact HOTBIN Mini for 1-3 people to the Mega 700 with a 185-gallon capacity, HOTBIN offers options for households, community gardens, and recycling centers, making composting easy and efficient regardless of the weather.


If you are looking for an easy way to start composting or a more efficient way to tackle your existing heaps… You may want to buy a HOTBIN today, as Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring have no effect inside your HOTBIN Composter bin.

Buy yours now on this site.



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