HOTBIN MK2 Composter as Reviewed by Compost Magazine

HOTBIN MK2 Composter as Reviewed by Compost Magazine

Last year, Compost Magazine (.com) wrote a review on our HOTBIN MK2 composter that I would like to bring to light again for the benefit of our newer group of HOTBIN users and as a reminder to some of us that have been composting with HOTBIN for quite some time.

The reviewer conducted a research before and after receiving the product and went through dozens of customer review. Important to indicate that the HOTBIN was not provided by our company and the opinions were of its own.

I am providing the original link to the article for you to read, but here are the most important facts that I want to bring up to your attention:

  1. The HOTBIN can rapidly reach effective heat levels
  2. The HOTBIN makes hot composting feasible even with smaller quantities
  3. The HOTBIN insulated walls are tough construction
  4. The HOTBIN composts well in cold weather AND
  5. It is easy to use

The following are a few points that I want to stress with this article regarding the technology behind HOTBIN which makes the previous 5 factors possible if users follow the recommended instructions to get hot compost quickly.

This is very much recommended to start and at least until the user has harvested rich compost more than once, and are familiar with the unit. The balance of waste, shredded paper and wood chips/mulch is key to success.

Click to read the complete review.

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