The HOTBIN Composting Story on Videos

The HOTBIN Composting Story on Videos

HOTBIN Composting bins have been designed for modern households with a small footprint and built-in efficiencies to make home-composting simpler, cleaner and efficient.

If you are an avid gardener determined to building a healthy soil, or an environmentalist determined to reduce greenhouse gases, you have a variety of options to choose from, including our new Mega models designed for large families and community composting centers.

On this article, I am including HOTBIN's most popular videos that tells the story of our portfolio of composting devices.

These videos not only provide a guide to successfully compost with one of our HOTBIN models, but provides the basic elements that can help any compost enthusiast overcome challenges in the process or to pick the best composter based on the waste that you intend to compost, the size of your household/garden, and the one that best fits your lifestyle.

HOTBINs are easy to use and efficient with a short composting-cycle (30-90 days) which is 32 times faster than other traditional composting devices.

That said, below is our most popular play list. You can always visit our channel to view our complete video collection

  1. How does HOTBIN work?
  2. Meet HOTBIN inventor Tony Callaghan
  3. Getting HOTBIN started
  4. HOTBIN delivery checks
  5. A quick tour of the HOTBIN
  6. How to get your HOTBIN hot in 5 steps
  7. Crank up the heat with the kick-start bottle
  8. Waste ratios made easy
  9. Chop your waste
  10. Harvesting HOTBIN compost
  11. Setting up a HOTBIN Mega
  12. Harvesting with a HOTBIN Mega

I hope you find our collection of videos helpful.

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