How About Community Composting Centers?

How About Community Composting Centers?

Locally Based Community Composting Centers
Local Community Composting Operations which keep the composting process nearest to home are trending. Indeed, local recycling operations have more than doubled in the last 5-6 years (ILSR), over large-scale regional operations. They are often operated by key members of the community or by a local business.

Home composting —with efficient bins like HOTBIN— is still the most efficient and economical way of recycling food & garden waste, as it does not involve the cost of transportation and operations. However, for those that cannot do it at home, community composting is a safe alternative where neighboring members are visual participants of the collection, the recycling process, and can fully benefit of the harvested compost for consumption in theirs or the community gardens.

Today, more residents are willing to participate in mitigating the environmental burdens of trashing waste in our landfills, by taking —directly or indirectly— control of the process.

A Concern for Sustainable-Minded Households
Sending waste to regional recycling operations far from local communities, does not ensure the proper disposition of waste as their final destination is unclear; and it is costly (transport and operations). Due to the above, this method is becoming a topic of concern for sustainable-minded individuals who are now supporting community composting as a viable alternative for people that cannot compost at home.

Community Composting: Investing in Education and Equipment
These operations are constantly looking for innovation and are investing in the best methods to meet and exceed the requirements of the communities they serve. Some operations are educating those interested on composting at home, while servicing others that prefer to send their waste to the centers.

For acceptability purposes, community composting centers cannot be seen as dumpsters where waste is dumped. In contrast, they should be seen as centers where waste is recycled in a simpler and cleaner way, without the burden of odors nor unwanted pests.

Keeping local community composting operations tidy and efficient is important thus investing in education, lean processes, efficiencies, and the ‘right’ equipment to do the job, becomes critical to keeping up with the trend while delivering expected results.

Introducing HOTBIN Mega for Mass Community Composting
HOTBIN home-composting and mass-composting devices have been designed to make composting simpler, cleaner, and efficient on urban settings

HOTBINs are all-seasons, all weather and odorless composters ideal for composting at home or at a community composting center without the hurdles associated with traditional composting units. HOTBINs harvest compost in as little as 30-90 days which is 32 times faster than traditional cold or in-ground composters.

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