How Much Compost Will HOTBIN Produce?

How Much Compost Will HOTBIN Produce?

The volume of compost produced by the HOTBIN will vary depending on the waste added and the operational conditions of the HOTBIN.

If waste is added regularly, the HOTBIN should produce approximately 4-7 lbs of rich, general-purpose compost for every 22 lbs of waste added.

On average, users will empty the HOTBIN four times a year (every three months based on a 90-day composting cycle). Each time, around 16-18 gallons of compost will be removed, which is approximately one wheelbarrow full.

The compost removed from the HOTBIN will have a higher moisture content than bagged compost purchased from a garden centre. Once aired, the compost will fluff up and become bulkier.

Please note that these figures can vary. The more waste added, the more bacterial activity occurs, resulting in higher internal temperatures and faster decomposition of waste into compost. 


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