Imagine… your waste can change the world!

Imagine… your waste can change the world!

A previous article mentioned taking a step towards a greener household by embracing home composting. Today, I would like to emphasize how taking a step and starting to compost your waste at home can address waste, agriculture, and emission problems all at once. Believe it or not, composting your waste is a simple but powerful solution that has the potential of playing a major role in combating climate change. Indeed, composting is one of the best solutions to the climate crisis … and it is being thrown away by many of us.

Many still have the impression that composting is ‘gross’ and it is easier instead, to throw our waste in the garbage. Composting is a controlled decomposition of organic waste into organic waste, into a rich fertilized. Today, technology like HOTBIN provides urban households with a device that makes composting food and garden waste simple and clean. HOTBIN can decompose waste and turn it into rich compost in as little as 30-90 days. Furthermore, it composts most types of food, requires no power, no turning or tumbling.

Take that extra step towards combating climate change firsthand by starting to compost at home. If you are ready to embrace easy, and efficient composting... read this article and Don't Dump it... Compost it!

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