It's Fall…Time to Assess and Improve the Quality of your Soil

It's Fall…Time to Assess and Improve the Quality of your Soil

Fall is the right time to assess the damage caused to your garden during summer’s growing season, and add compost to replace lost nutrients. Fall is also an excellent time to start composting to prepare your garden’s soil for spring planting.

When you add compost to your garden in the fall, you are improving the structure, quality and richness of the soil and making plants resistance to the coming season. 

I read somewhere that enthusiastic and experienced gardeners find fall to be the most important season to improve their soil. They believe that you should add compost and other nutrients in fall, in preparation for the colder months of winter.

Adding compost to your garden is like giving back nutrients as recycled material (such leaves and vegetable scrap). As mentioned on previous blogs, compost  enhances soil’s retention of water and nutrients which are key ingredients for attaining and maintaining healthy gardens.

Things to consider when adding compost to your garden
Adding compost to the soil is as simple as shovelling and spreading it over the surface. On warmer climates you can add compost to your garden twice a year; whereas on a colder climate where the cold season starts in mid-September and ends in April, you need to add compost before the spring season.

Starting a composting pile during the Fall Season for Spring Gardening
Starting your composting pile in Autumn is critical, as it is that time of the year when you can find the right organic matter for your next batch of compost. The organic matter found on autumn leaves, grass and garden clippings, are known to be main nature ingredients that can be added to your fall composting pile for spring gardening.

Finaly, whether you live on a warmer or cold climate, Fall is the best time to start composting and have a new batch of compost ready by early spring.

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