HOTBIN Composter Bin: Minimizing the Risk of Animal Visits

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HOTBIN Composter Bin: Minimizing the Risk of Animal Visits

It is not possible to guarantee that any composting bin/pile is risk-free of vermin and other unwanted animal visits. However, just as any risk, you can mitigate the chances of attracting unwanted visitors to your HOTBIN, by following some preventive actions.  

Indeed, HOTBIN can be used in a garden that has seen rats before, as long as you take precautions and correctly locate and operate the HOTBIN. The HOTBIN comes with a charcoal filter that minimize odors from coming to the outside. However, the following guidelines will help you to further reduce any risk.

The HOTBIN user guide says “Please ensure your HOTBIN is located in an area that hasn’t had any prior rat problems” this refers to the location in your garden.

If you have had a heap in your garden that has attracted rats in the past, we would recommend the HOTBIN is not sited in the same space and that the old heap is removed 2-3 months prior to setting up your HOTBIN. This is to encourage the unwanted animals, to move on from this site. Rodents and wild animals are very much creatures of habit and will keep going back to an area where they have a food source or shelter. By removing this food source or shelter, there is nothing of interest to them and therefore they are more likely to find a new source somewhere else.

Where composting is concerned, rodents and wild animals are a clear and present problem. HOTBIN has been designed and tested to ensure its attraction to all unwanted visitors (including mice and rats) is minimized and in 99.5% of the cases, no issues are reported.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% that there will be no occurrences. However, we are continuously working with our customers and advising on how to prevent the attraction of these unwanted animals. The details below are recommendations to prevent rats, mice, foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and others from showing any interest in your HOTBIN.

Where these guidelines are followed no instances of damage caused by unwanted animals have been reported.

  1. Locate your HOTBIN in a high traffic area on a hard, level surface. If you wish to raise the HOTBIN you need to create a barrier between the HOTBIN and the ground to avoid rodents nesting in any spaces under the base of the HOTBIN. You can do so by using the HOTBIN Plinth or a patio slab with a layer of bricks underneath or just on a layer of bricks. However, always ensure there is a solid layer underneath the HOTBIN and do not rest the HOTBIN on 4-small stones/bricks just at the corners.

  2. Keep the front panel and lid closed firmly – Any odors will rise up through the HOTBIN like a chimney, and if there is a gap around the front hatch panel, odors may escape. Always ensure that the front hatch is tightly closed. 

  3. When replacing the hatch panel after emptying waste, be sure to wipe around the edges of the opening and hatch, to ensure no loose pieces of waste are left in the joints.

  4. Cam straps - It is important you use the cam strap(s) provided with all HOTBINs, to pull the door tightly closed before filling. You should not be able to see any gaps between the bin and the door panel.

  5. Always clean up - Always ensure no food waste is left around the HOTBIN. If you are picnicking in the garden make sure there are no scraps left behind, this is a free takeaway and will attract inquisitive animals.

  6. Space / Clearance - Try to ensure the HOTBIN has a minimum clearance of 6-8 in. around each side, and is not pushed up against, walls, fences, gates, trees, or bushes that are easy to climb. The surrounding area should be clean and tidy, not a dumping ground for garden rubbish (old pavers, slabs, wooden boards, plastic sheets, bricks, tiles, pallets, etc.)  as you can inadvertently create little nooks and runs for vermin to hide and nest if you are not too careful.

  7. Cooked food waste - If you have had problems with rats in the past do not add any cooked food waste, meat, fish, bones, for the first year. Always when adding cooked food waste try to stir it in and cover with other waste. 
    NOTE: If you are adding cooked food waste always ensure the HOTBIN is steaming over 104°F.

  8. The HOTBIN guarantee only covers material defects and not instances of animal damage so, unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund, or a replacement bin should a problem occur.

    However, if you have an animal incident, let us know, as some parts can be replaced if needed.


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