Pet Poop is Compostable with HOTBIN

Pet Poop is Compostable with HOTBIN

Over 20 billion pounds of dog waste goes to US landfills every year along with millions of tiny plastic waste bags that go with them. Additionally, over 10 billion pounds of cat waste and the billions of pounds of cat litter and chemicals mixed in, ends in landfills as well.

Why on earth are we throwing all this out?!?  Experts are screaming to keep dog poop out of landfill for the environment’s sake as if left on landfills, they can release greenhouse gases or spread pathogens (organism that has the potential to cause infectious diseases).

There are viable solutions to divert dog waste from landfills including composting it in your backyard or on a hot composter like HOTBIN. If composted correctly on a HOTBIN, it can be used as mulch on your non-edible plants.

Composting Pet Poop (Dog, Cat and Chicken)

Most composting sites advocate the composting of herbivore waste only (plant grazing) and not carnivore due to pathogens in the waste. However, this is associated with cold composting methods where the composting heap does not reach the hot temperatures required to destroy pathogens.

Whereas we have written more on the subject, it is important to understand that when the HOTBIN is operating at higher temperatures of 104-140°F, pathogens in the waste should no longer be an issue as they are killed off at these high temperatures.

Dog waste, use biodegradable bags (ASTM D6400) to collect your dog poop. When adding cat waste, note that pelleted and wood-based litter can be composted. White zeolite and similar clay-based litters can go in. However, they will remain in your finished compost due to their material make up.

Chicken poo even works as an accelerator and is good for giving the HOTBIN a heat boost!


  • It is important to verify the internal bin temperature to be between 104-140°F before adding the waste. This can be done by inserting a thermometer into the top 2-4 in. of waste.
  • Pet waste must be mixed with other waste, not just added on its own.

Always Remember: Good hygiene is essential with any animal waste, wear gloves always, wipe down areas that have come into contact with pet waste, and of course always wash your hands.

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