Say Boo to Landfills with HOTBIN!

Say Boo to Landfills with HOTBIN!

You can say Boo to Landfills this season by composting your pumpkin and other food & garden scraps in your HOTBIN composter. Pumpkins have a fast decay rate in a HOTBIN. This differs from cold composters, where seeds can survive and appear on your final compost.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that in 2021, farmers in the top six pumpkin-producing States harvested more than 1 billion pounds of pumpkins combined. Data from 2018 shows we harvested a total of 1.7 billion pounds which is around 6 lbs. of pumpkin per person.

We carve spooky faces into them and set them out on the porch with a candle inside. Then, after a few days, we throw them in the trash where they end up in landfills (talk about scary!) and release methane - contributing to global warming.

Compost your Pumpkins this Season!

Instead of throwing your pumpkin in the trash after Halloween, why not compost them instead! By composting your pumpkin scraps you can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and the compost created, can then return valuable nutrients to your soil.

If you do not have a way of composting your food & garden scraps today, consider acquiring a composter device this season.

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