Take the Leap and Start your Composting Heap Today!

Take the Leap and Start your Composting Heap Today!

HOTBIN Composters’ show true innovation in making composting cleaner, simpler and more accessible for modern households.

If you are new to composting, HOTBIN may be the right solution as it offers a quick and easy way to start your composting heap in just a few days and expect your compost in 30-90 days.

Designed to produce quick compost.

In 2019, the HOTBIN Mini won the Chelsea Garden Product of the year. According to the RHS judges “the HOTBIN Mini Composer showed real innovation in making composting cleaner, simpler and more accessible for modern households.” 

The HOTBIN has been designed with modern and advanced technology, making it one of the newest and most efficient composting bins to date. In addition to being efficient by working aerobically, its outer shell is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) which insulated and thermal properties allows for fast decomposition of waste at temperatures reaching up to 140˚F.

By following the recommen
ded mix of waste, paper and bulking agent (woodchip/mulch) and using the included kick-start bottle with hot water, you can join a good group of new and experienced users that have taken the composting leap and have started their composting heaps in just a few days.

With the HOTBIN, there’s no need for turning or tumbling, nor sitting around and waiting for months to find out that you do not have compost made. The HOTBIN is quick to deliver the results gardeners thrive for.

HOTBIN Composts All Aspects of Brown and Green Mixtures, Easily and Effortlessly

The HOTBIN Composting bin works to break down all different aspects of brown and green materials, including small bones, cooked foods, weeds, and anything in between in a matter of 30-90 days. Working with hot composting methods, the HOTBIN is designated to bring you rich compost 32 times quicker than traditional composting methods.

Finding the right balance for your compost pile can be difficult, to say the least. HOTBIN composts more types of food than other composters. However, we have the ultimate guides on what to add and proportions of food, and bulking agent (woodchips/mulch) for fast and efficient compost. It’s important to know how to balance your composting pile and what is best to add to it. This image illustrates the balance of ingredients that is recommended for best results.


HOTBIN Composting Deters Vermin and Rodents

HOTBINs come with an internal charcoal filter that helps to keep rodents and vermin away. As long as the HOTBIN is kept on a flat surface, and its lid tightly closed, it will detour small creatures from burrowing in.

HOTBIN Composting is Easy to Store and Use

There is no reason gardeners should feel restricted to home-composting. Whether you live in the suburbs, the countryside, or an urban setting, the HOTBIN can work for you. It’s designed to be fitted into any space necessary, and isn’t an eyesore.

HOTBIN Compost bins are lightweight and compact with a small footprint.

They come in two sizes. The large HOTBIN 200 LT. (52 Gal.) is fitted for a mid to large family of 5; and the HOTBIN 100 LT. (26 Gall.) Mini has been designed for smaller households of 1-3, and smaller gardens.

The Best and Easiest Composting Method Always Brings the Best Compost Results

Being an internationally recognized composting bin, the HOTBIN has been recognized by Know-It-All of Switzerland by allowing users to have “less use of plastic bags, fewer trips to the recycling centers and less waste incinerated. For a small black box, the HOTBIN definitely has reach and impact.”

The HOTBIN never fails to make life easier for composting users. It does not require any heavy-duty work, such as tumbling or turning with traditional composting methods, it produces no bad odors, comes with a liquid fertilizer collector and produces rich compost to grow healthy flowers and kill unwanted kills weeds.

HOTBIN Composting is Readily Available in the United States

Within the United States, our current national average of landfill usage is over 50%. Food-waste and yard trimmings accounts for 35% of all the waste sent to landfills every year. That is the equivalent of 1.4 million garbage trucks carrying foods-waste and 700K carrying yard trimmings. ---EPA

When organic waste (such as food, wood, garden or anything that was once alive) is dumped in landfills, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition (due to the lack of oxygen) and produces methane (harmful greenhouse gas emissions). In contrast, home composting of organic waste does not.

Noting that Forbes Magazine admits that over 77% of the population wants to go green, the possibilities of what the HOTBIN can do for Americans and our nation is endless.

Americans are aspiring to be more green, earth loving, and garden growing individuals. We know the impact composting will bring us in bettering our home and nation.

There’s nothing stopping you from bettering your garden and your home when it comes to composting with the HOTBIN. Take the leap in composting, start your effortless composting pile today, and be the change America needs to better our nation.

Our 52 Gallon HOTBIN 200.1 (MK1) composting bin is currently on sale for $199.99. Grab it while supplies last and kick-start your composting journey today!

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