The HOTBIN Weekender #17

The HOTBIN Weekender #17

For the most part of the USA, it is Winter and composting at freezing temperatures may seem impossible. However, HOTBIN can keep composting in Winter. Learn why.

How to get the HOTBIN hot

The HOTBIN is designed to help maximize what nature does and brings together the right conditions to make hot composting easy. All you need to do is check a few simple settings, add the minimum amount and good mix of waste and you should soon be hot composting. The common barrier to achieving the best performance of a HOTBIN is that the mix and volume of waste is not quite right. However, if your HOTBIN is hotter than ambient temperature it will still be working faster than a traditional compost bin. Click to view or download the guide on how to get the HOTBIN hot.

My HOTBIN is not getting hot?

Occasionally, despite following the set-up guidelines (per the instruction manual), some customers struggle to get the HOTBIN up to 104 to 140°F. We understand that this can be frustrating... here is some help.

We have a lot of composting expertise to call on and are confident in our BRAND promise that we can get all customers hot composting given they have enough waste. The answers below work for hot composting in the HOTBIN. The advice might not match your past composting experience. Click to view HOTBIN guides to get it hot.

My compost is too wet, what can I do?

Sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to get the HOTBIN up to 140°F. One of the most common issues is that the waste is "too wet" for hot composting. Here we explain what this means, but most importantly…how to fix it.

The advice in our article might not match your past composting experience. Please stick with us, as this advice is based on the fundamental laws governing hot composting and most importantly… it works! Once grasped, you will find the HOTBIN easy to use for ever.

Click to learn how to fix this issue

Do I have enough waste?

Both of our HOTBIN models (MK2 and Mini) allows you to compost a wide variety of waste such as cooked food, bones, weeds which helps you to meet their minimum weekly-waste requirements. To maintain temperatures of 104-140°F you will need to feed the minimum amount of waste 2-3 times a week depending on model, as follows:

  • HOTBIN 200LT (56 gal.) MK2 - Eleven pounds of waste/week (1 large garbage bag).
  • HOTBIN 100 LT (26 gal.) – 5.5 pounds of waste/week (1/2 large garbage bag) 

    Eli from the Kitchen and Garden with Eli & Kate answers the Top 5 questions asked about HOTBIN.

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