The HOTBIN Weekender #22

The HOTBIN Weekender #22

Why Adding Compost in Early Spring is Good for your Garden?

Adding compost to your plant and flower beds in early spring is recommended as it helps to retain moisture in root systems and leads to vital growth of your plants. If possible, add a 1-2 inches thick layer of compost to your beds in early spring, rake it, and let it stand for 1-2 weeks before planting. We are already in March, so this is a great time to add compost to your garden.

On more thing… compost should be seen as a soil amendment that improves the structure of your soil by increasing the population of micro- and macro-organisms, by adding organic material on which soil organisms feed.

Video on Harvesting Compost from your HOTBIN

Video shows our tried and tested method of harvesting compost from your HOTBIN. This method is an old mining technique – simply dig out the central core of material leaving a supporting column of material on each side. Along with the HOTBINs tapered design, these pillars of compost help to support the waste above, simply remove one side at a time and allow the top material to drop down into place or give it a push from above.

Compost when Mixed with Topsoil can Work Wonders!

Compost is very useful as a soil amendment that most gardeners can’t go without. While compost is rich in adding nutrients and minerals to the soil, it needs to be mixed with topsoil to work wonders, as topsoil subsidizes nutrients that are not present in compost. To conclude, compost mixed with your existing topsoil is all your plants need to grow and be healthy.

Composting Successfully and the Role of Bulking Agents (Mulch)

Some people think that successfully composting aerobically, is all about ‘the’ bulking agent (mulch). Although true, our experience is that a good bulking agent is 1 of 3 key components that can make or break a successful composting pile.

The bulking agent adds vital air spaces that microbes need to breath air to effectively work decomposing your waste pile. Although, bulking agents are a dry material that effectively balances the high moisture content of food-waste, we add shredded paper to the composting mix to further balance the moisture. Click to view HOTBIN’s Manual and learn more on the role of the bulking agent, shredded paper and HOTBIN Composting.

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HOTBIN Exhibits at San Francisco Bay Garden and Flower Show April 7-10

HOTBIN will be exhibiting and selling at the upcoming San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2022 at Alameda County Fairgrounds on April 7-10. If in the area, visit us at booth #1324 and carry your HOTBIN home

Add Composting to you New Year Resolutions!

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