The HOTBIN Weekender #3

The HOTBIN Weekender #3

When it comes to choosing a composter bin and the investment that comes with that decision, we want to be sure that we are well-informed. Choosing a composter to recycle our household waste should complement our lifestyles and should come as a chore that we enjoy doing as opposed to a 'headache'. This week, I am sharing with all of you three interesting videos from a Gardener Enthusiast that has been endorsing HOTBIN Composting since she got her first... 4 years ago. The Kitchen Garden's (Eli) has various gardening related podcasts and videos, and is pretty honest about the good & the bad. I found her latest video of great value as a guide for those who want to 'see' step-by-step how to set-up/start composting with HOTBIN. Finally, I am including our HOTBIN Explained in 60 Seconds video that explains how HOTBIN works inside and key elements that makes is successful. As always, I hope you enjoy this week's edition. 

Eli Reveals her Newly Acquired HOTBIN MK2

On this video, Eli reveals her new HOTBIN Composter MK2 and shows enthusiasm in learning how it will work. She also shares a good amount of tips and shows step-by-step, how to set-up her first composting batch. She reveals that if you follow HOTBIN guides, you will be satisfied with the results.>>View video

Eli Reveals & Reviews her First Compost Harvest with HOTBIN

Eli shares her first review on HOTBIN Composting. She shares on the video the steps she took, type of waste she recycled, what she did right, what she did wrong, and what she intends to do next to improve. Overall, she shares that HOTBIN does what is supposed to>> View Video

Eli Answers the Top 5 Questions on HOTBIN

On this review Eli answers the top 5 questions regarding HOTBIN Composter. Does it gets that hot? Does it keep this hot and/or working? How to keep your heap dry vs. damp? Importance of following guidelines including adding shredded paper, constantly feeding and more> View Video

How HOTBIN Works in 60 Seconds

This video shows the technology behind HOTBIN and explains in easy terms how the waste is composted inside. The role of each one of the components including aeration and HOTBIN insulated walls made from Expanded Polypropylene. >> View Video


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