Walking the Walk on Composting

Walking the Walk on Composting

Walking the Walk on Composting

One of HOTBIN’s biggest fans in the USA just sent me some pictures of pumpkins in front of his yard and photos of the same pumpkins one week after he added them to his HOTBIN composter. The initial volume of the pumpkins and some leaves he added to the mix were drastically reduced and… the decomposition is already in process!

Our customer lives in northern Illinois where people are already experiencing the first frosts of the season and some snow. He has kept feeding his HOTBIN regularly keeping it reading over 100°F ahead of winter.

Early last month we added an article on composting pumpkins and other food & garden scraps this season, and the importance of diverting them from our landfills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including methane.

As we near one of our dearest holidays and traditions (Thanksgivings), we have a good opportunity of diverting all food scraps from family gatherings from our landfills.

The Greenblue Organization estimates that 40% of Thanksgiving food-scraps from celebrations goes to waste. They remind us that when we throw food in the trash, we are also throwing away all resources used to cook them (water, gasoline, energy, labor, pesticides, land and fertilizers).

By composting your food scraps, you are not only reducing greenhouse emissions, but you are also returning nutrients to our soil.

If you are not already composting at home, be sure to contribute to our environment by sending all food scraps to a composting facility in your area or by buying a composter this season to start composting.

Lastly, consider gifting a composting bin to that special someone in your life this season, as you contribute to protecting our environment one family at a time.

Learn about HOTBIN Composting on this site and start composting at home today!

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