What is the Right Mix of Ingredients to Spring-up My Composting Pile?

What is the Right Mix of Ingredients to Spring-up My Composting Pile?

Here are some ideas to get you started today!

Depending on where you live (and weather permitting), the early spring season provides an endless supply of ingredients to start a composting pile. Whether you are starting your composting pile from scratch or adding ingredients to an existing one, debris from spring cleaning can help you create a nutrient-rich soil to grow healthy plants ―as slow-release nutrients helps plants develop healthy roots and foliage.

Putting your spring cleaning debris to good use!

Pruning perennials and shrubs, clearing foliage, leaves and plant debris from grass and garden beds, are great ingredients to start composting in the springtime.

Whether you own a HOTBIN Composter or not, we have a list of 7 Good Composting Habits that we recommend to start (or continue to feed) your composting heap. They are as follows:

  1. Build up your base layer of easy to digest waste (see below chart).
  2. Chop, shred and mix waste (specially leaves and twigs that are hard to break down).
  3. Mix all types of waste.
  4. Create airflow by adding a bulking agent (i.e. wood chips). Wood chips create air spaces in the waste and provides oxygen to bacteria.
  5. Tackle any excess water by adding paper and/or cardboard to the pile.
  6. Remember to close the lid (to preserve heat and reduce odors and pests).
  7. Empty and clean your composter every 3-6 months.

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