While Others Are Hibernating... HOTBIN is Composting!

While Others Are Hibernating... HOTBIN is Composting!

HOTBIN is capable of working at 100-140° F all through winter due to its 1 inch thick insulated walls made from expanded polypropylene. If you have a HOTBIN and want to compost during winter, you just need is to keep feeding it once a week or whenever possible. If for some reason the inside reading of your HOTBIN goes below 59° F you can re-start it by using the kick-start bottle —that comes with the unit— with hot water.

For many reasons, not everybody will achieve hot composting during winter, mostly by not having enough waste garden waste.  However, you can always re-start your hot composting bin again as soon as you are able, by using the kick-start bottle. If lack of waste or not wanting to go out is not an issue, be aware that while other composters are hibernating; your HOTBIN composting can keep composting your waste during winter, and have compost ready for Spring planting.

To continue composting with HOTBIN during winter you need to:

  • Add waste regularly – at least once a week
  • Add at least 11 lbs. per week (2 small, or 1 large container)
  • Ensure you add lots of shredded paper (or corrugated cardboard) in with your food waste
  • Re-start your HOTBIN if your waste reading drops below 59°F (i.e. use the ‘kick start’ bottle with hot water).
What happens when it snows?

If the HOTBIN is running at 104-140°F it will carry on working when it snows. The snow that falls on the valve is melted by the hot air leaving the valve. There are limits – so watch out for exceptionally heavy snow (>2 in.) as you may need to brush the snow excess off, to keep the valve clear.

If your HOTBIN is lukewarm reading between 68-86°F, there will not be enough hot air rising out to melt the snow, and you will need to wipe the snow off the valve.

We recommend the following videos related to successfully composting with HOTBIN during winter.

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