Why Should We Compost?

Why Should We Compost?

This is a good and honest question frequently asked. To many, composting at home was (and still is) a foreign and somewhat miss-understood activity exercised by environmentalists and sustainability buffs, but not by the majority of the population.

Today, the term and activity is getting traction and explaining its benefits is a rewarding task. 

As known by many of us, composting is a great way to divert food and garden waste from landfill and recycle it into nutrient-rich organic matter for use on the garden. By composting, we are returning nutrients back to the ground and helping improve soil health and plant growth.

By composting at home, we create an environmentally friendly cycle of reducing food and garden waste destined for landfill, turning it into compost and adding it to our gardens. At the same time, we are reducing curbside waste collection and associated greenhouse emissions.

Compost is great for use in planting up, top dressing, and digging in. In fact, there are lots of ways to use organic matter around the garden, it’s also a great way for the whole family to enjoy gardening. Adding compost is especially good for clay soil where the addition of organic matter over time helps to break down the solid clay structure.

Why Should Beginners Choose a Hot-Composter Like HOTBIN?

Choosing the right composter bin to start composting is not an easy task. If you are new to composting, you may be scratching your head as to which method to begin with.

Unlike many cold composting systems, a hot composting system like HOTBIN, allows you to recycle: 1) More types of waste; and 2) Produce compost faster. That is, you can start adding your usual vegetable and garden waste, watch the heat soar and then start adding cooked food, meat, small bones and perennial weeds.

HOTBIN is a hot composter designed to be a continuous process where you add waste into the top along with wood-chip (or mulch for aeration) and shredded paper (to control moisture), and remove compost via the large hatch at the bottom.The process does not involve tumbling or turning to get air into the composting pile. HOTBIN is fully sealed and contains a built-in bio filter to trap any escaping composting odors.


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