Why should we start composting or make it this year’s resolution?

Why should we start composting or make it this year’s resolution?

Apart from reducing the waste we send to landfill and preventing the emission of powerful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere... we can improve the quality of our garden’s soil, prevent soil erosion, conserve water, reduce the use of fertilizer and pesticides, and have fun in the process.

Whether you agree with the above reasons or not, the next question in mind most likely be… Why should I invest in a composter bin?

If you are an avid gardener (for pleasure or recreation) and don’t have a substantial acreage, having a composter bin might be a must-have to thrive with healthy gardens beds, pots, and borders. On the other hand, if you are an environmentalist, your motivation most likely be the reduction of greenhouse gases and climate change.

The truth is that regardless of your motivation, turning our food and yard scraps into compost, transforms our waste streams into beneficial, value-added soil amendment for our gardens and protects the environment.

Why should we compost at home?

By composting at home, we are controlling the process that converts organic materials (waste) into rich soil through natural decomposition. It is doing what nature does best (when it is not dump/buried on landfill to decompose without oxygen). Composting at home allows us to:

  • Manage the food and garden waste we generate by recycling it in a sustainable way.
  • Reduce the volume of waste that otherwise would be dumped and buried in landfills or incinerators, and prevent powerful greenhouse gases from being emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Save money in fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Build a healthier soil, prevent soil erosion, conserve water, and improve plant growth in your garden.

Lastly, composting with the right composting device involves minimal effort and the experience can be fun. Learn how an efficient composter like HOTBIN can help you reduce the unavoidable waste you send today to landfill and produce rich compost in as little as 30-90 days.

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