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The HOTBIN is supplied with two thermometers. Both are the same, and both measures the temperature in Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F).

One thermometer comes integrated on the HOTBIN's lid, and the second comes separately inside the composter bin, along with other extra accessories.

The lid thermometer can be used to roughly gauge whether the temperature of the HOTBIN unit has increased or dropped since it was last checked.

The internal thermometer is used to take an accurate internal temperature reading rather than relying on the lid thermometer when HOTBIN is less than half full and on winter months.

IMPORTANT to know that, unless the HOTBIN is more than half full, the lid thermometer will likely provide a temperature variance in excess of 50°F which makes taking a reading from the inside of the composter necessary to get a more accurate temperature reading.  The internal thermometer, can rise as much as 68-86°F from the outside reading specially during the winter months.

Taking internal temperature reading with internal thermometer.  Insert the stem directly into the top 2 - 4 in. of the waste. Close the lid and leave inside for at least a minute before removing to ensure an accurate reading.

Note. The reading will drop as soon as the thermometer is removed from inside the HOTBIN.

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