Cam Straps (Spare Parts)

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These straps are designed to be fastened around the HOTBIN hatch to keep it in situ (place) as the weight of material inside the unit increases. The strap(s) help to maintain an airtight seal, keeping heat generated by the bacterial process in the unit and unwanted visitors out.

  • Made from polyester, the cam straps are 2.5 meters long with a metal fastening buckle at one end.
  • The straps come with a year manufacturing guarantee and are UV treated to increase their longevity.
  • Color of Cam Straps may vary

This item is sold as a single or as a pair as follows:

  • Single - used on HOTBIN Mini, 26 Gal. composter
  • Pair - used on HOTBIN MK1 & 2, 52 Gal. composter