BBC Gardeners' World Magazine HOTBIN Review

Ideal for small spaces, this compact composter works fast and generates little mess.
In a nutshell

The HOTBIN was a BBC Gardener’s World Best Buy winner for being the fastest to compost, as well as the best for small spaces. It's clean and ‘no mess’ with the compost leachate liquid contained in an easy to empty tank, plus a built-in carbon filter absorbs smells. Comes almost completely assembled and has a three-year warranty.

The Hotbin is made of expanded polypropylene which has excellent insulating properties and raises waste temperature for higher speed composting. Design features include a temperature gauge in the lid, a carbon filter to absorb smells and a tank in the base to collect the liquid that is produced during the composting process. Note the Hotbin must be sited on a level hard surface. Also supplied with a separate compost thermometer to accurately check the heat level, a stirring stick and a 2-litre plastic container that can be filled with hot water to ‘kick start’ composting at low temperatures.

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