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  Henry Schmidt. "Able to Compost Even During Last Winters Coldest Days Drastically Reduces Waste Added to Our Weekly Garbage Bins." 

I have been composting all types of yard-waste for over 20 years using an area in my yard. What intrigued me about the HOTBIN was the fact that we could add all kinds of kitchen waste. I would have never added food-waste to my original composter, as I would have expected to attract unwanted critters to my yard. I began using the HOTBIN late last fall. 

It took some patience to get things heated up. However, once it started going, I was able to compost even during last winter’s coldest days.

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Lou Simon. "The Benefits of the HOTBIN on our Garden is Evident. No expense in buying fertilizer, less waste in landfills, and beautiful plants." 

I live in a Chicago suburb, Glen Ellyn, and own a brand strategy and marketing agency, Simon/Myers.

As an avid gardener and someone that is environmentally aware, I’m always interested in ways to improve our home landscaping in ways that are sustainable and beneficial for our environment. In the past, I simply had a compost pile for yard waste, which provided decent soil, but it was pretty messy and difficult to turn and manage. Additionally, I couldn’t put food scraps in it, due to critters, so it wasn’t as rich as it could have been.

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How to Start your HOTBIN Video.
Don't miss watching this video  which contains key information on how to start your composting heap with HOTBIN. 

Most importantly, it provides new users with valuable information including what waste can be included to compost, and other tips to learn how to start composting with HOTBIN. 

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Don't miss watching this instructional video filmed by our Colleague Ramona Azarnia from Switzerland, on how to start your HOTBIN.

Originally created for her audience, Ramona is able to create a show and tell on how HOTBIN works, tricks to take in consideration when starting your composting heap, and much more...

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