HOTBIN Composting Basics

Reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill overnight and reward yourself with rich organic compost in just days with the HOTBIN compost bin.

What Is It?

The HOTBIN is a compost bin which allows you to compost all of your food and garden waste in just 30-90 days. Reaching a high internal temperature of between 104-140°F, the HOTBIN provides the necessary environment, unlike traditional cold composting heaps, to break down a wider variety of waste more rapidly.

So, What Goes In?

In addition to general garden waste and grass clippings, you can also put in cooked left-over food waste, egg shells, moldy bread, fish, meat, chicken bones as well as chicken waste, dog waste and cat litter and much more.

How Quick Is The Composting?

Many compost bins are unable to reach the high temperatures of the HOTBIN, which means you end up composting less at a slower rate. With the HOTBIN you can expect mulching compost in 30 days and rich organic compost in just 90 days. To put that into perspective, what would normally take 12-24 months to compost in a cold heap will take 12-24 days in a hot one such as the HOTBIN.

Unlike other compost bins, no turning or tumbling is required and there is a Carbon-filter in the lid to help reduce compost odors which attract flies and rats.

Why Use It?

HOTBIN is a compact compost bin which is suitable for both small and large gardens. They are a wheelie bin sized. HOTBIN200 has a capacity of around 200Lt (52 Gal.), and the HOTBIN100 Mini of around 100 Lt (26 Gal.).

HOTBIN has been successfully tested by Garden Organic and was voted “Product Innovation of the Year” by Grow Your Own magazine readers.

Made in the UK from expanded polypropylene, the HOTBIN is 100% recyclable and has excellent insulation properties helping to maintain high internal temperatures keeping you composting all year round.