Reasons Why Fall is a Great Season for Planting

Autumn gardening chores often involve getting your garden ready for winter and raking-off fallen leaves. However, if you're only focused on leaf-removal, you will miss a perfect planting opportunity.

Here are some reasons why fall is a good-time for planting:

1. Great Weather - Not too hot nor cold nights are the perfect forecast for creating a good foundation for growth.

2. Big Discounts - it is the end of the summer season and when garden centers offer great discounts on plants. Sometimes as much as 50% less than regular prices.

3. Long Growing Period - there are several weeks of growing time before plants go dormant in winter (northern states).

4. More time to Enjoy Spring - think of it as saving or distributing your time wisely. the more tasks you complete in fall, the more time to enjoy your garden next spring.

5. Time for Planting Bulbs - it is the right time to plant small spring-blooming bulbs like tulips before the ground freezes.

6. Best Time for Seeding - Fall's mild weather and adequate moisture offers the right condition for fast seed germination. This include seeding new lawns or lawn patches.

7. Good for Dividing & Planting Divided Perennials -  Once again, the weather promotes good root growth as divided perennials get established.

So, if you were thinking about getting ready for next winter and spring... fall seems to be a good time to do it!