Add Composting to your New Year's Resolution List

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Add Composting to your New Year's Resolution List

If you are interested in starting to compost at home, but don’t know how to start… here are a few things that can assist in your decision-making process and get you going:

  1. Reduce waste sent to landfill.
    One fact that can help in the starting decision is the knowledge that more than 30% of what we throw away can be composted into fertilized soil for your garden. Producing compost keeps this waste from ever going to landfills where they take up space and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

  2. Be able to produce your own compost with the right device and improve your garden soil.
    If you are decided to take the leap and start composting… the next step is to select the right composter for you. That is, a device that is fit for your lifestyle, and one that will help you to compost at home effortless and efficiently.

  3. Select a composting device that agrees with your Lifestyle.
    You need to be realistic with your time when making a long-term commitment. This is why, your lifestyle is a key factor to consider when choosing a composting device that is right for you. You may be determined to spend the necessary time to make this work. However, to make it happen, your working schedule, family obligations, how often you travel, etc., should be taken in consideration when selecting the right composter.

  4. Choosing the size that best fit your needs.
    The size of your household and the size of your garden/yard are also things that you need to add to your decision-making process. Feeding the composter frequently is key to keeping bacteria working on the process, therefore, adding new waste (food & garden) frequently, is necessary for the process to be efficient.

That said, whether you have 1-2 small to medium containers of waste to add every 2-3 or 3-4 days or not, will give you an idea of what size of composter you should buy.

  1. How fast do you want to see compost produced? Although this is more of a personal preference, the speed in which you want to see compost produced needs to be considered. If you are OK to wait 6-12 months to produce compost in a cold composter, it is OK. But if you want a faster composting cycle (30-90 days), you need to add speed to your selection criteria.

Selecting the right composter is mostly about conducting short research and finding one that agrees with your lifestyle, the size of your household and other factors listed above.

Today, there are many composter options to choose from. However, as we have previously mentioned... to efficiently compost at home, you don't need a large yard, nor a large composter that you cannot fill fast enough, because you have a small household.

This is why we recommend that, once you make the decision to start composting, selecting the right device and size is key to help you succeed, at diverting food and garden waste from landfill, and to improve your garden soil. This should be your end goal.

About HOTBIN Composting
You can kick-start your new year composting goals with HOTBIN.  HOTBIN produces organic homemade compost in as little as 30 to 90 days! When running at 104°-140°F, HOTBIN is 32 times faster than traditional cold composting. Due to its insulated EPP walls, HOTBIN naturally produced heat generated by the bacterial process. There is no turning, no tumbling, nor accelerators needed. No assembly (on HOTBIN 100 & 200 models), nor external power source is required.

Lastly, HOTBIN have the right-sized composter to fit you household as follows:


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