Convenience + Efficiency = HOTBIN Value

Convenience + Efficiency = HOTBIN Value

If the convenience of being able to compost most types of food & garden waste efficiently is on your mind when choosing which compost bin to buy… you may be gravitating towards purchasing a HOTBIN Composter

Can you imagine composter bins becoming an essential appliance for recycling food scraps like dishwashers are today for convenience and water conservation? I know this is a dream shared by composting advocates and the sustainability minded. However, it is a dream worth dreaming, and one that can come true ‘one compost bin’ at a time.

Composting at home is a most fulfilling routine to get started with. You can help to reduce the waste going to landfill, and help the environment at the same time. Food scraps and yard waste make up more than 30 percent of what we throw away, and much of that "garbage" can be put to better use and converted into compost to improve the nutrients in our soil.

Why Convenience?
Convenience is key when it comes to finding an easy and successful way to compost, without having to sort your kitchen scraps. Having to choose what food and garden waste to compost and which one to send to waste, is an additional chore that frustrates and dishearten users. 

Not having to sort your food scraps before opening the hatch and adding them to your HOTBIN composting bin sounds simple and easy. You just need to add wood-chips and shredded paper, just as you add detergent to your dishwasher, before closing the door and pushing the START button.

HOTBIN has been designed to make the composting process as simple and as clean as possible, making it easy to blend in with your other daily routines.

Master composter Megan Brosterman describes HOTBIN convenience as, “The best part for me is that everything goes in. No more separating any food waste… and it is fast!” Link to read full testimonial.

Why Efficiencies?
Being able to start your composting heap in just a few days and even during winter's coldest days, best describes HOTBIN efficiencies. With HOTBIN you can harvest compost in 30-90 days. This is 32 times faster than cold composters. 

The following are two testimonials on how easy it is to start composting with HOTBIN while reducing a good chunk of the food and garden waste we send to garbage, all year round.

Jeremy B., “HOTBIN Composter can get your composting heap working in as little as 3 days! Link to read full testimonial.
Henry Schmidt, "Able to Compost Even During Last Winter’s Coldest Days Drastically Reduces Waste Added to Our Weekly Garbage Bins." Link to read full testimonial.

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